We welcome proposals on any aspect of the student experience in relation to the recognition of the crucial role of compassion as a core concern in education, health and social care, and globally to ensure the future sustainability of humankind and the planet (e.g. Ballatt & Campling, 2011; Coles, 2015; Gibbs, 2017; Gilbert, 2017; McCloskey, 2014; Worline & Dutton, 2017). The recent Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) reports increasing numbers of students suffering with mental health problems (Thorley, 2017). Elsewhere, Waddington (2016) has argued that the compassion gap found, for example in the NHS, is mirrored by a compassion gap in universities. A discussion addressing compassionate academic practices and pedagogy is therefore timely.

Proposals can be for original research, reflective analyses, case studies, 'on the horizon' pieces, opinion pieces and book reviews. Full guidance on article formats is available from https://jpaap.napier.ac.uk/index.php/JPAAP/about/submissions

Proposals should be up to 300 words and include 5 keywords. Please also provide a short bio (of 50 words) for each author. We particularly welcome proposals that focus on compassionate leadership or inter-cultural perspectives.

Proposals should be submitted to Kirsteen Wright (k.wright2@napier.ac.uk), by 20 August 2018 using the proposal form on the Guides page of our site (link below). Authors will be contacted at the end of August. Full papers must be submitted by 20 September 2018. Informal queries can be sent to Lorraine Anderson (l.l.anderson@dundee.ac.uk).

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