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Journal Ethos

The Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice aims to provide a supportive publishing outlet to allow established and particularly new authors to contribute to the scholarly discourse of academic practice (both generally and in their discipline area) through the publication of papers that are theory-based and supported by evidence, as well as through the publication of Opinion Pieces and ‘On the Horizon’ papers on emerging work.

The Submissions and Author Guidelines provide further guidance on the thematic areas covered by the journal, and the format for submissions to the journal.

In relation to the general ethos of the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice, the journal exists not only for the publication of papers within our thematic scope but also as a collegiate and developmental platform for new authors, those new to journal reviewing, and for scholars who are seeking to gain experience in journal editing and publishing.

This developmental ethos manifests itself in a range of activities and opportunities that currently include the following:

  • Direct support for authors who are seeking to publish their first paper in one or more of the thematic areas of the journal, through assigning ‘critical friends’ from within the editorial team who will be happy to advise on the development of initial ideas for the formats of paper we publish. Prospective authors should consult the Submissions and Author Guidelines.
  • Peer support for those new to reviewing The Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice welcomes academics with experience in the thematic areas of the journal, but who are new to the journal submission reviewing process, to become involved as reviewers for the journal. This will include an opportunity to work for an initial period of reviewing with a colleague who is already experienced as a reviewer.
  • Editorial internships The journal will soon be offering editorial internships, normally two a year, for academics who are experienced in the thematic areas of the journal, have some publications of their own and experience as a reviewer, and who wish to develop knowledge and experience on the editorial side of journal publishing. Further information on our first round of editorial internships will be forthcoming.
  • Special issues The Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice welcomes the opportunity to work alongside colleagues in the field to develop Special Issues of the journal dedicated to particular themes or emerging areas of work. Having a good idea for a special issue, and being willing to take on Guest Editor responsibilities for the special issue (with support provided from the regular Editorial Team for the journal), is much more important than prior editing experience.

Vol 9 No 2 (2021): JPAAP Vol 9, No 2 (2021) - Special Issue, Transitions to Remote and Blended Learning

Published: 2021-08-05

JPAAP 9(2) Editorial: Transitions to remote and blended learning

Vicki Harcus Morgan Dale, Josephine Adekola, Nathalie Tasler, Jo-Anne Murray


Early Adopters Driving Digital Literacy

Jade Kimberley, MA SFHEA SCMALT FAUA AFSEDA, Katie Suvandzhieva, MA


Developing Belief in Online Teaching

Doug Specht, Peter Chatterton, Peter Hartley, Gunter Saunders


A case study of student learning spaces during the pandemic

Teri-Lisa Griffiths, Jill Dickinson, Dr, Anna Fletcher


Togetherness: The central tenet of an effective institutional online pivot

Jeremy Singer, Gwyn Bellamy, Roderick Brown, Heather Cleland Woods, Nicolas Labrosse, Hans Senn, Marco Vezza


Academic Development during Pandemic: A Staged Approach

Vic Boyd, Tom Cunningham, Catriona Cunningham


Early adoption in an agile online teaching environment

Paul Hunter, Mr., Helen Mullen, Dr., Matt Offord, Dr., Nick Quinn, Dr., Karen Thompson, Mrs.


Lessons learned from early adopters of blended and online learning

Camille Huser, Sue Campbell, Samantha Fontaine, Susan Jamieson, Leah Marks, Jeremy Singer, Ronnie Young


To Flip Or Not To Flip? Reflecting On PALPable Outcomes Of Flipping The Classroom During The Pandemic

Maria Ishkova, Dr, Vanessa Loh, Dr, Georgia White, Oliver Lawton, Jenna Tyson, Herman Fung


A Rapid Transition to Blended Learning

Robert Allen McKerlie, Jennifer Malcolm, Ourania Varsou, Christopher Edward Kennedy, Laura Colgan, Victoria Harper, Wendy McAllan, Andrew Forgie, Paul Rea, Aileen Bell


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