Vol 5, No 3 (2017)

JPAAP issue Vol 5, No 3.

Table of Contents

Editorial, Vol 5, No 3 PDF HTML
JPAAP Editors

Original Research

The Senses Framework: Understanding the Professional Development of Postgraduates Who Teach PDF HTML
Amy Burge, Maria Grade Godinho, Miesbeth Knottenbelt, Daphne Loads
Using Generic Templates to Promote the Use of High Quality Learning Designs in Higher Education PDF HTML
Leanne Cameron
Trapped Deep Beneath the Sewage: Representation of the University in Popular Music PDF HTML
Peter Gossman, Sam Illingworth
Where Facebook Meets Plagiarism: An Investigation and an Intervention PDF HTML
Heather Alison McQueen, Cathy Shields
An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Barriers to the Use of Humour in the Teaching of Childhood Studies PDF HTML
Edward John Noon
Development and Evaluation of a Reflective Log Assignment Designed to Enhance Postgraduate Psychology Students’ Learning Experience PDF HTML
Rachael Powell, Panos Vlachopoulos, Rachel Shaw
Exploring the University as an e-Textbook Provider of Scholarly Work PDF HTML
Frank Rennie, Keith Smyth, Gareth Davies, Scott Connor, Laurence Patterson
Students as E-Moderators – An Action Research Project PDF HTML
Anna Robb, Brenda Dunn
‘This is Not Something You Solve in Week One of Third Year’: Applying a Transitions Perspective to Honours Learning and Teaching in an Undergraduate Degree Programme PDF HTML
Abby Shovlin, Pamela Docherty

Reflective Analysis Papers

Designing for Learning in a MOOC: A Pedagogical Model in Disguise PDF HTML
Claire Leonie Donald, Elizabeth Ramsay, Inken Joerg

Case Studies

Preventing Plagiarism and Fostering Academic Integrity: A Practical Approach PDF HTML
Nicole Brown, Rosalind Janssen
Should We Teach Students How to Learn? PDF HTML
Sonia Moniz

Book Reviews

Book Review - Innovations in Learning and Teaching: Showcasing New Approaches to Higher Education PDF HTML
David Laughton

On the Horizon

Online Peer Mentoring and Collaborative Reflection: A Cross-institutional Project in Sports Coaching PDF HTML
John Stoszkowski, Liam McCarthy, Joana Fonseca
The ‘Imagined to the Reimagined’ Revival of Learning in Higher Education PDF HTML
T Wright

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